What We Stand For

Real Estate is what we are known for, but our services are what set us apart.

Many companies can help you move or sell your home, but our clients often need so much more! We listen to our clients and tailor our services to those needs, letting our clients lead the way. You make the decisions and we handle all the details to make your move and home sale less stressful.

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PRESTO Services are Personalized

How it sets us apart

We approach our clients where they are in life and build our services around their needs.

Why it’s important

By tailoring our services to what the client needs most, they feel understood and valued. Building trust is a cornerstone when working with someone in transition.

What It Looks Like

We stop thinking about any agenda we have and listen, listen, listen. We will learn everything we need to know if we listen.

PRESTO team members are Resourceful

How it sets us apart

Many companies have a list of services they offer and that is that. Presto has a list, but we are willing to think outside the box and find a way to accomplish tasks that fall outside our normal operations. Our team members are always happy to find a way to accommodate a special request.

Why it’s important

It’s rare that life fits into a neat little box. Often people don’t know how to accomplish even the small things, let alone the logistical mountains they believe they are facing.

What it looks like

Research, brainstorming, phone calls and number crunching on the back end, followed by a reassuring phone call that we have it handled.

PRESTO team members are Exceptional

How it sets us apart

Appearance, attitude and service quality are what our clients see and remember.

Why it’s important

Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster. Perfection is not the goal, our character and desire to make things right is what people remember.

What it looks like

It looks like a confident smile on a professionally attired person who is ready to serve. We execute and deliver on time

PRESTO team members are Specialists

How it sets us apart

We know what we do and we know how to do it.

Why it’s important

People feel safe and well cared for when those helping them are confident and skilled.

What it looks like

We show up and ask the right questions, consider the entire scope of work and focus on the details. We execute delivery on time, and accomplish the task with ease.

PRESTO agents and employees are Teammates

How it sets us apart

Our culture is one of camaraderie and respect not always seen in the workplace. We work together, and can step in for each other as needed.

Why it’s important

We serve our clients best when we are great teammates. Strong communication skills and providing support even if mistakes are made allows our team members to step into each others shoes and fill any role as needed with confidence.

What it looks like

Cooperation and consideration in the work environment is what people see. As issues arise they are addressed in a quiet, respectful and private manner.

PRESTO is One-of-a-kind

How it sets us apart

We are the only One-Stop company that offers Move Management, Home Services and Real Estate Sales under one roof in the country (as far as we know).

Why it’s important

When we find a customer who truly needs our services, there is no one else who can deliver like us.

What it looks like

We are clear and confident in our description of services, in our explanation of how we can best serve them and how what we will do will make a difference in their lives.

How do I thank you for sending Tim to me on a Saturday morning?

He is WONDERFUL. And so are you. I knew you were instrumental in “squeezing” us into your schedule last weekend. We are so grateful. Tim and his crew were finished in about 2 hours. And as always so protective of Mom’s things. Even though her stay at the Landing’s was short…you and your team made it very easy to set up her lovely apartment. We are most grateful to you.

Steele Family

Now that our move is over and we are settled in our new environment, now is the time to say, THANK YOU.

Thank you to you and your wonderful crew of really, really nice people. You all made the move easy and uncomplicated. After hearing some horror stories about moves made by some friends, I was somewhat nervous about our move. Thank goodness you and your company were recommended to us. Everything you said was true. You said your crew would take care of everything, they did. You said we would not have to do anything, we didn’t. You said we could move before the house was put up for sale, we did, you then sold our home as soon as we moved. You said the the sale and closing would be handled by you, it was. We did not have to worry about anything, everything you said was true and it was the easiest move we ever expected. Thank you again for making a very emotional situation especially easy. Thank you for being there ever time I had a question or a concern. You have a wonderful quality of making a big emotional scene become as calm as a baby sleeping. Thank you for doing everything exactly as you said you would. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again.

Jane and Tony G.

Presto Real Estate and Relocation Services provided excellent customer service and hassle free support.

Their “one stop shopping” business model was exactly what I needed for my parents to move from their house to a retirement community. Presto’s experience guided them to choose the essentials to bring with, then packed, moved and set-up their belongings in their new home. A total hands off experience for me and my parents! Then Presto took over the sale of their home. They scheduled contractors to prepare the home for the market to provide the important curb appeal and fresh look, in addition to making necessary repairs to critical infrastructure. Presto also cleared out the house and provided a lawyer for the closing process! This relieved the burden from me to arrange and follow up on these tasks. I am completely satisfied and highly recommend Presto Real Estate and Relocation Services for your next move!

Bill F.

I highly recommend Lisa Stover and Presto Real Estate.

They helped my elderly parents clean out and sell their house quickly and easily. The fact that they were a “one stop shop” helped tremendously! So professional and caring! An only child’s dream come true!

Marcie Dillon

Joanne Rancich was very resourceful and helpful.

She was committed to finding a property with features that matched all my needs and expectations. I would recommend her to anyone. Joanne Rancich is everything a person wants when buying or selling real estate. She knows the business side of the transaction but is interested in the process on a personable level. I felt that Joanne always had my best interests in mind and that I could ask her any question about a property or the real estate transaction process.


Maria was so helpful and responsive during the whole process.

She was especially kind with my parents who were faced with the challenge of consolidating 40 years of living in a nine room house to select items to fit in a four room apartment. Her floorplan suggestions were especially helpful and allowed us to plan what would fit in the new space. During the move, the team was efficient yet careful during packing and unpacking. I highly recommend Presto!

Julie G.

I would like to acknowledge my satisfaction and express what a sincere pleasure it was to work with Lisa Stover for the sale of my home.

Lisa provided me with accurate and timely information and kept me informed of the details, both the good and the bad so I knew exactly where we were at from marketing, to price negotiations through the closing. This was anything but an “easy” sale, Lisa worked hard and professionally, putting in long hours and creating a solution to satisfy my, the buyers and the lender’s needs. When I felt like giving up, Lisa dedicated herself to find a way to keep me engaged and make this sale happen. She has an optimistic approach to her work and I now believe, that approach and Lisa’s hard work is the only reason my house sold. I would highly recommend Lisa Stover as a highly professional, diligent and knowledgeable real estate agent.

Scott L.

Presto Real Estate was the perfect choice when my dad decided to sell his home (after 50 years) and move to assisted living.

I knew we would need a lot of help since I live 250 miles from my father and Presto made it easy for both of us. They took the time to get to know both me and my dad and then she got to work! She skillfully handled the clean out, moving, set up my dad’s apartment and helped us get the house updated for a buyer in two weeks’ time. All the agents expertise impressed us as we worked diligently to market my dad’s house and were kept updated on all showings and feedback. When we found our buyer, they followed through with attention to details that helped us secure an early closing. I definitely recommend Presto Real Estate.

Cathy K

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent representation in the sale of our Naperville home.

From the 1st day we met to discuss offering our home for sale, you were honest and straightforward with your approach and “plan of action” to sell our home at a fair-to-market price with the highest possible selling price as the goal. During the nearly 6 months of our home on sale you continued to keep us informed on the overall market and how it related to our home, in the constantly changing mix. You kept us encouraged by reminding us that the right buyer would eventually appear and fall in love with our home and make us that fair offer to buy. And when we did receive that buyers’ offer, you handled all of the details necessary with professionalism right up to the closing of the sales transaction. We want to thank you again for a excellent job representing us in the sale of our home.

Jim And Charlene P.

Presto was very efficient and quick with helping us move my parents to a senior living facility.

Their assistance was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend their services.

Diana Aranyi

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